The Sole F63 Treadmill: An Introduction & Review Of The Machine

The Sole F63 model treadmill is a fold-up treadmill equipped with a 3.0 HP motor powering with reviewed speeds up to twelve miles per hour and an incline of up to fifteen percent. Update: during the last month we have added more product shots to this review.

The foldable treadmill deck is able to lock into place, and for safety it starts from half a mile per hour. There are six preset programs as well as two programs the user can define themselves. If heart rate is a concern, there are two additional heart rate control programs as well.

When running indoors on a treadmill, the lack of air resistance results in a lower energy cost compared with running outdoors at the same velocity – pubmed

Sole F63 Treadmill Features – A Short Review

The Sole F63 treadmill has a fan that cools the user, controls for the speed and incline and features speakers built in to the equipment for you to connect your MP3 player to.

sole f63 treadmill

The Sole F63 Treadmill Folding Down.

Among the six pre-programmed workouts are fat burning programs and programs for cardio training, so that the user can focus on his or her individual fitness goals.

To adjust the incline to incorporate interval training or increase the intensity, utilize the controls located on the hand rest.

The F63 treadmill display shows you the speed at which you are walking, jogging or running, the amount of incline, the time elapsed since the workout began, the approximate amount of calories burned, the user’s pulse and pace as well as the distance that has been traveled.

More technicalities in this sole f63 treadmill review.

There is a quarter mile track option that can assist those who are working on speed training. The machine is quiet in general, and to unfold the deck, step back, release the deck, and it will unfold on its own. To increase the incline and speed, push the buttons that are located on the side of the LCD display. The LCD is blue, and you can watch the information scroll by as you are exercising. The message board sends the user scrolling messages and to set up a user profile, push the profile button and the message board will walk you through the steps.

After the workout, the message board recaps the stats of the user’s workout so that they can see their progress (on the current version of the F63 Treadmill).

Sole F63 Technology Compared To Sole F80

The Sole F63 has heavy duty chassis and motors for its class.

The frames are composed of steel and have powder coating to protect the metal. They are welded together, as opposed to bolted together. The inclines also heavy duty and the equipment will be stable. The motors feature a large diameter, and the flywheels like the frame are comprised of steel with a powder coating to protect the surface. The flywheel effectively prevents vibration and adds to the security features of the equipment. It also causes the motor to run cooler and extends its life because there is less amp draw. The fact that the flywheels are heavier causes a fluid motion while the user is working out on the treadmill.

The rollers have copper ground wires to reduce static, sealed bearings and are two and a half inches in length. Because they are on the larger side, the roller will have a longer life as will the belt.

Regarding the technology it’s worth noticing that the Sole F63 is the little sister to the Sole F80 treadmill (slightly more expensive). Get the find points in this article the Sole F63 vs F80 moments of truth.

The belts have four layers – one middle PVC layer, nylon backing, and two rubber layers over the middle layer.

sole f63 treadmill running belt

The Sole F63 is the little sister to The Sole F80

The F63 Sole Treadmill Product Specs

The Sole F63 treadmill product specs are as follows:

It is thirty three inches wide, fifty eight inches tall, and eighty three inches and is eighty three inches deep. The deck is also thirty three inches wide and is eighty inches deep. The running surface is twenty inches wide and sixty inches deep. The user must be three hundred and twenty five pounds or less. The rollers are two and a half inches.

The motor is DC type, 3.0 CHP. The sole F63 starts running at half of one mile per hour and increases its speed by up to twelve miles an hour. The rack and pinion design incline starts at zero degrees and increases to fifteen percent. The belt is two ply, and there is a pulse grip with a chest strap that monitors heart rate. There are six pre-programmed workouts, two customizable programs, and two heart rate programs.

The sound system is built into the equipment and is MP3 player compatible.

The workout display, which is LCD is six and a half inches large.

Treadmill Assembly Step-By-Step

Assembly instructions for the F63 treadmill.

sole f63 treadmill assembly step 1 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 2 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 3 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 4 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 5 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 6 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 7 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 8 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 9 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 10 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 11 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 12 sole f63 treadmill assembly step 13

Conclusion And Abstract

The Sole treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, a three year warranty on the deck and parts, and a one year warranty on the labor.

If you are interested: Scott Jurek on treadmills.

It is suitable for home use, but many of its features rival craftsmanship you will discover at a professional gym. It is very sturdy for its class of equipment, and offers features to keep the machine quiet. Cons for potential users might be the blue display – it is blue, with the information scrolling by in white. This may not offer enough contrast for a user who is in the middle of a workout. It is not so easy to move, because the wheels underneath the treadmill may need to be a little larger. Also if you use electronics near the treadmill, it may cause an interference.

Its greatest strengths have to include the sturdiness of the equipment, as all of the parts are welded, not bolted together rather than the number of features or options it brings to the table. The design and the construction of the Sole F63 are what makes this treadmill a good option for the right people. The fact that it is constructed and manufactured in a particular way may influence who might consider the F63 a good choice for them.

It does not offer many bells and whistles, so if you are looking for options and add ons, this may not be the right treadmill for you.

However, if you are looking for a machine to run on, chances are you are looking for a sturdy machine, and not a display that lets you go online – runners generally prefer a high intensity workout and going on Facebook while exercising is likely to distract them from achieving this goal. For walkers who are not looking for many options, but are also interested in serious exercise, the treadmill is well designed enough so that someone could use it for hours a day.

Finally, it might be a better choice for homes with multiple users who are different sizes or weights.

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Scott Jurek on Treadmills

About the treadmill:

“I have known a lot of people training for mountainous courses who are from the East Coast or the Midwest who had to use the treadmill,” says Scott Jurek, world famous ultra-runner.

Even if you think it’s dead boring, if there is a shortage of climbs in the area where you live, running on a treadmill can be a great alternative. Of course it’s no the sole alternative, you can also travel, or even move, to areas with hilly tracks. To be updated with more pictures next month.

scott jurek on treadmill running mountain running vs treadmill running arnulfo quimare road running is not indoor running scott jurek 2


What INTECOL Say: Sole F80 Treadmill Review – About the Product

The Sole F80 treadmill has been rated and reviewed as a top treadmill in its price segment by both users and training experts.

It has grown on features and specifications than its debutant model. Treadmill such as this on has been used and recommended by ultra-runners such as Scott Jurek.

The manufacturing company has always been known for quality, durability and warranty of its fitness machines. Therefore, you could expect to see modern and advanced specifications and features in this face lifted model. There are many places where you can find sole treadmills for sale, weather from a dealer, retailer or online.

sole f80 treadmill

The Solo F80 is foldable and therefore requires less space to fit in.

It is ideal for runners and people who have started with cardio program to stay fit and in shape. The design of this treadmill has been smartly developed to make it stable yet powerful.

This article is a Sole F80 treadmill review that includes valuable facts and information on its specifications, features and benefits.

Sole F80 Treadmill Key Specifications

The below discussed key specifications of the Sole F80 treadmill contains information on Machine Dimension, controls and Features and Warranty. Just keep in mind that over the years there have been quite a few different version of this particular treadmill.

sole f80 treadmill console 1 sole f80 treadmill console 2

Here our sole focus is on the Sole Treadmill F80 2015.

  • 58 inches of Height
  • 265 lbs weight
  • Threeinches of length
  • Width of 37 inches
  • It has a deck size of 37” x 83”
  • Provides a running surface of 22” x 60”
  • Comes with 2.75 inches rollers
  • It is powered by a 3.5 CHP, DC type motor
  • Provides speed rage of 5 to 12 mph
  • Incorporates 0 to 15 levels Rack and Pinion gear design
  • Has folding mechanism
  • Contains two Ply belts
  • Includes Heart Rate monitoring, compatible with Pulse Grips and Chest Straps
  • Includes Chest Strap
  • Contains six Standard programs
  • 2 Custom Programs
  • 2 Heart Programs
  • Comes with built-in cooling fans
  • MP3 compatible Sound Systems
  • Showcases a 7.5 inch LCD workout display
  • Display color: Blue
  • Comes with a Lifetime warranty on Frame
  • Lifetime warranty on Motor and Deck
  • Warranty on electronics is for five years
  • Labor warranty for two years

Treadmill Features and Benefits

The engineering team of Solo has developed this treadmill to meet all the expectation of customers while being a stable base and a quiet machine at the same time. Kind of similar to the Sole F63 treadmill.

sole f80 treadmill belt 2 sole f80 treadmill belt 3 sole f80 treadmill belt 1

Special emphasis has been provided to its durability and superb functioning.

  • Folding Deck – The F80 has been treated with a folding deck system with patented all gear rack and pinion system. It also comes with a Safety Lock Deck system which locks the deck when the machine is kept at upright position. It also features an Easy Assist Folding deck Design. It is a unique feature that permits you to release the deck and watch as the deck unfolds automatically and effortlessly. Therefore, unfolding the deck is much easier now than before.
  • Convenient Controls – The display showcases a quick speed/incline buttons along the sides of its LCD. These provide you the freedom of mounting speed and incline faster.
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Desk – This unique design provides users a comfortable and quiet workout. It also reduces the impact up to 40%. The reversible deck is wax lubricated, ensuring less work on its motor during use.
  • Precision Welded Frame – Precisely and accurately welding provides superior durability to this trade mill. The strong frame is capable of handling several users of various heights and weights.
  • Integrated Message Board – It is an alphanumeric text center that guides a user through all the details of each workout. The message board is extremely user friendly that also recaps your entire workout session after you have finished. It also allows you to check your progress.
  • Elevated Torque Motors with Flywheels – Besides powder coated all-steel welded frames, Solo has included motors with large diameter and all steel zinc coated balanced flywheels. This provides a vibration less secure walking and running surface. The flywheels make the motor run cooler with less consumption of amps and also extend life of the motor.

F80 Advantages

These are the most prominent advantages that we would like to point out.

  • Shock absorption technology
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Smooth and quiet performance
  • Wider running and walking surface
  • Superior warranty
  • Large display
  • Built-in exercise programs
  • MP3 player port and speakers
  • Powerful motor
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck

F80 Cons

Of course there are also some features that we miss.

These are the once that we feel are worth pointing out.

  • Limited entertainment features
  • No user IDs
  • Not compatible with iFit Live

Conclusions About The Sole F80 Treadmill

According to various Sole F80 treadmill review from different users, it is safe to conclude that the F80 is indeed a top folding treadmill in its price segment. It’s been rated favorable by Tom Ferguson at

sole f80 treadmill safety key

Although there are a few drawbacks in the model, superior features will make your workout session easy and comfortable.

It also guides you through the built in exercise programs and present necessary stats of your workouts. With that said this Sole F80 treadmill review has come to an end, let us know if you have any questions regarding this piece of content.

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