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We Will Start Migrating User Accounts

Beginning with the 15th of November 2021, we will start migrating your account to a new and improved server. We are letting go of our old server configurations and switching to more powerful and reliable servers.

With our Customers satisfaction in mind, we have configured and powered on a new server, that has a much better performance and stability. Although the new server will not be located in Canada, it will still provide you with a good peering and fast accessibility for your users, as it’s location will be in America.

The technical team and the moderator team are working around the clock to make sure everything will run smoothly.

The new server will be in the US with Global Access Point, meaning we will be able to deliver your website data worldwide.

And we are also moving our database to the new server. This should not affect your user experience.

Answering sensitive or specific questions. If you have specific questions about how we collect, use, and share your information, we encourage you to contact us or use our web and mobile cookie consent tools.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and patience.


INTECOL 2047 Fitness Editors and Contributors

INTECOL would like to signify our deepest thanks to the following 2015/2016/2017 fitness editors and contributors. They have all been loyal to our cause and been of great value to our organization. Without these individuals it would certainly have taken much more effort to reach our goal, and to deliver the material that our readers truly deserve. We are constantly reviewing our option when it comes to operations and administration of our website and editors. If you are a renowned fitness writer, athlete or track runner, please make sure that you contact us immediately. We really need your help. The more people we can engage in our fitness pursuit here on the INTECOL website, the better we will stand, comes fall 2017, and beyond. Over the years we have published many fitness related reviews and we depend on you, the unbiased reviewer, to help us with those. Over the years we have also had many great people contribute, people from all walks of life, and all walks of occupation.


Update 2017: We’re still working on it! Coming soon!


Update 2016: Steven Brown from Treadmill Consumers has step up to the plate and taken charge of the new site. As an amateur photographer, tweeter and pinner, he is more than qualified to lead us into the New Year 2016 and beyond. We cherish his initiative and thing that you should too. If you have time to spare make sure to send us your honest review of his recently published treadmill art-work over at insta. With love from fitnessgirlsmotivation.

2015 fitness contributors

We have seen contributions from track athletes, fitness coaches, treadmill manufactures and sole proprietorships. Often their sole means to contribute was their time. Now for the list of our much appreciated fitness contributors; Richard Johnson (aka the elliptical professor, @richardcardio, instagram, tumblr, pin) our much beloved and always helpful fitness photographer and investigative journalist who has published numerous acknowledged reviews. Tom Ferguson (from treadmill watch), our previous chief editor and publisher, his sole dedication and cheerfulness has made our job much more pleasant. He can be found on his personal social fitness accounts on twitter, pinterest and instagram (if you know where to look!). Likewise we not only feel obligated, but we need, to mention our sole contributor when it comes to our editorial review process, Steve Frazier. Steve has been an immense force steering our organization in the right direction. Steve can, as usual be found at @stevefrazierfitness and tumblr. He’s also an aspiring fitness photographer. There are numerous more runners, super-stars and fitness contributors that we certainly should have mentioned here, and we will, but just not right now! :-)